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on how to choose and use words

Some managers get what they want time and again. Some might say it’s because they have a smart team. Most top leaders, though, get great results from whatever group they manage.

It's what makes them good. Really good.

How do they do that? Is there a secret to their success? If you were to know what they know, would you be better at your job?

What sets good leaders apart is how they choose and use their words. They follow a simple set of rules. When they do, what they say or write is so clear that it is almost always accurate to the word when shared. Following these simple rules have the power to make anyone more effective at their job.

I share the secret of how to choose and use words. As a luncheon or break-out speaker, I reveal the most vital rule to get your points across. I also offer a 90-minute writing workshop that builds on this topic for employer groups. Training managers call that workshop one of the best they've offered in years.

3 key things about me:

  • My style is to engage the group and be fun.
  • Whether I'm speaking at a conference event or in a workshop, I get the audience involved.
  • The lessons I share instantly help people bring clarity to what they write.
Want me to speak to your group or lead a workshop at your offices? Please call me at (206) 963-2230, or by email at
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Class shows how to become a clear writer and speaker

My 90-minute class teaches how to write and speak clearly, the way top CEOs do. It shows how a different mindset and a few simple tools and techniques will bring clarity to what you are trying to say. To learn more about the MAKE YOUR POINT writing class, call me at (206) 963-2230 or by email to

Best response to a class we have ever had. - City of Seattle Department