The Wiley Brooks Company Clarity tool

Good writing rests on two things: content and structure. Content - knowing what it is you want to say - comes first. Just as important, though, is structure: the words you choose and the way you build the sentences they are in.

Effective writing relies on clarity. You want your key message to cut through the clutter that surrounds us all. The tool below will help you craft your document to make it clear and concise. Use it to keep refining your sentences and the words you use in them.

PR Flesch Minimums  
Key Message 80
Lead (1 or 2 paragraphs) 75
Entire Document 60
The key score is Flesch Reading Ease. It uses algorithms to compute how easy it would be for someone to quickly read and grasp most of you want them to know. Flesch scores range from 0 to 100. You want a high score. Your key message should score at least an 80. Your lead should score at least a 75. Your entire document needs to be at 60 or above. If you don't hit these scores it means your message is likely shrouded in a bit of a fog. You've failed to clearly and concisely deliver the message someone is paying you to deliver.

Here's how to use this tool

Either copy and paste something you've written into the first field, or you can simply type something you are writing directly into the box. Click on "Get Results." Your scores will be shown to the right. The text will be displayed again under the text you entered, but this time all the words with three or more syllables will be underlined. Those are words you should attack first as you revise your text. (This feature is limited to about 50,000 characters of text.)

Keep tweaking your text until you reach the score you need. You can do it right in the top text box, then clicking the "Get Results" button to see the change in your score. When you get it where you want it, simply copy and paste it back in your original document.

Read more about the Science of Writing or see a list of typical media Flesch scores.