The Wiley Brooks Company Clarity tool

Good writing rests on two things. Content comes first, of course. But nearly as vital is how easy the writing is to read and recall. Think of that part as the structure of how you write something. That’s where the Clarity Tool will help you write better.

Recalling a key message relies on the clarity of what you write. You need to trumpet your main points so they aren't lost in the orchestra of words. The tool below will help you craft what you write to make it clear and concise. Use it to keep refining your sentences and the words you use in them.

PR Flesch Minimums  
Key Message 80
Lead (1 or 2 paragraphs) 75
Entire Document 60
Flesch Reading Ease uses algorithms to compute a score. That score shows how easy it would be for someone to read and grasp most of you want them to know. Flesch scores range from 0 to 100. You want a high score. Your key points should score at least an 80. Aim for at least 60 for your entire document.

Here's how to use this tool

Paste something you’ve written into the field below. Click “Get Results.” Your data will display to the right. Check your overall score. Is it at least 60? Focus on 3 data points to revise what you wrote. First, how big are your words? Your average syllables per word will tell you that (goal: 1.4). Next, check out how long your sentences are (aim for no more than 15 words). Last, did you use too many big words (limit complex words to 10% or fewer). Keep tweaking.

Read more about the Science of Writing or see a list of typical media Flesch scores.